Example screenshots of mods automatically converted with TESPort

TESPort is still under development, but it's already converting a lot of things ...

This is a quick page knocked up in Notepad (like all my pages!) Below are some screenshots of the original Morrowind mod which has been converted to Oblivion format by TESPort. No changes have been made to the file, other than to load it in to the TESCS once and save it - this correctly sets some record size headers which aren't currently correctly set by TESPort. The entire landmass is there (currently rendered with the same repetitive default texture) as are all the NPCs. The NPC's clothing, weapons and armour has also been 'Oblivion-ized'.

Screenshots available of:

  • The Attack on Ynys Mon (ynysmon.esp)
  • Vvardenfell (TESPort when run on Morrowind.esm)

    1. The Attack on Ynys Mon (raw output from TESPort)

    Defensive Bretons lined up in their correct positions on the hillfort lower slopes.

    Awaiting the arrival of an Imperial onslaught - looking back at the valley.

    DirectX9 Water effects are definitely better in Oblivion! A crevice on Ynys Mon's outer ring.

    The waterlogged valley entrance.

    Where you first land on Ynys Mon's valley entrance. Legionnaire's aggression is currently converted incorrectly - they slaughter poor old Horsa (the Nord)!

    Lower slopes minor ditches and ramparts. Oblivion doesn't by default render NPCs as far away as Morrowind. Land texture is currently default, so not so pretty.

    Bretons ready to ambush anyone foolish enough to pass through the valley.

    Part of the top of Ynys Mon hillfort. There's no LOD by default, so no distant landscape.

    The Imperial commander in charge of the Emperor's forces at Magnentius' Last Stand.

    Oblivion's view back at the Imperial task-force (minus the ships that were there in Morrowind).

    The battle commences. Due to an AI coversion problem, Magnus' forces are slaughtering one another! Aggression in Oblivion seems relative to one another, rather than the player (as it was in Morrowind).

    All standard armour has been automatically converted to Oblivion equivalents. Quite interesting to see.

    I like this one 'cos it's cute. The flee value works differently in Oblivion, so both the Imperial Knights and the Orc smith on Magnentius' Last Stand fled and suddenly kept staring up at the sky. As always the armour and weapons have been automatically converted by TESPort to Oblivion equivalents.

    Spooky corpses came floating to the surface during a bug where the landscape wasn't generated, but the NPCs were still placed. Many of them drowned and this ugly scene was the result!

    II. Vvardenfell (raw output from TESPort)

    Seyda Neen: Where you started Morrowind. The redguard in the water was the guard on your boat. The figure nearest the water on the land is the custom house guard. You can guess where the Stilt rider was. All the other NPCs can be seen in the distance.

    Seyda Neen: For example, here's TESPort's automatic conversion for Fargoth.

    Balmora: The plateau where the town sits (we're looking roughly west). I haven't generated an LOD, but you could in the TESCS to see the distant landscape.

    Balmora: I think Hul ran a Stilt-rider service on the edge of town. In front of her is a Nord, Heddvild - I think she was with the fighter's guild.

    Ald'Ruhn: At the base of the cliff to the right is where the great Redoran Council hall would have stood.

    Buckmoth Legion Fort: Believe it or not! No Fort, but the NPCs are all there.

    Dagoth Ur: Just a big hole.

    Ald'Ruhn: Sometimes the choice of clothing conversions are ... interesting. Their clothes are possibly a fair conversion, but their bonemold armour was supposed to be turned in to a combination of Oblivion's Deer skin and leather.

    Just an abstract shot of my character investigating the relatively barren imported Vvardenfell landmass.

    Lightwave. (05-December-2006).