Some Screenshots of TESPort's automatic landscape, land texture-mapping and NPC conversion

The pics are from the file TESPort automatically produces and loaded in to Oblivion.
The first shots are from Morrowind.esm (2002 - Vvardenfell). The others are from The Attack on Ynys Mon (2003).

These are 1600x1200 screenshots (without LOD). If you open this window on its own they will be much larger. You can also see more if you right click on them and select View Image.


A Bitter Coast Path

Molag Mar or Ashlands Region.

Ashlands Region.

The town of Gnisis sits in there.

Looks like the mid-west. Get out your tomahawks, there's a train comin'. ;)

Molag Mar/Ashlands.

Seyda Neen

Seyda Neen from another angle.

The Bitter Coast.

Seyda Neen: The local guards regularly sneak up on and knock down an unsuspecting Fargoth whilst the Player isn't around. This is how he loses his ring.

Riding near the Ascadian Isles.

Ald'Ruhn: You're out-numbered chick! Psycho Redoran guards who really dislike their citizens.

You Crazy Redorans!

The Attack on Ynys Mon

Ynys Weith. Imperial Legionnaires are psychopaths in Oblivion, I can't get them to calm down.

Ynys Weith: The standoff from Caerdumnon up to Rhiwsyrodul.

Ynys Weith: Breton Defenders outside the main city. Darn it Bethesda, why did you take away the spears in TES4?

Ynys Weith: The Dragon Dumner mercenaries defended their fort against the Imperial suppression.

Ynys Mon: The first line of defence on Ynys Mon hillfort, modelled on the real thing.

Another LOD bug! The CS produced a 1.7Km high tower where there should be a deep underwater hollow: In the original mod this is where your ship started to sink into after being attacked. Ynys Mon island is far below.

It's quite an impressive bug really, seen from the ground ...

The twilight of your life

Some older screenshots of the previous (non-texturing) version of TESPort are here